Alternative transportation boils down to RPM:

  • Revolution
  • Progression
  • Motion

The mission at Wheelist is to dissect all the latest developments on the rapidly evolving subject of transportation, and to lay bare all the guts or glory that is uncovered.

The world of transportation is in full upheaval. While it will always be essential to society’s wellbeing for its citizens to have abundant mobility, the penalties associated with cars – our most prevalent means of transportation – are increasingly viewed as excessive. In the meantime, technology is enabling innovators to constantly unveil a dizzying array of new forms of transportation. People are looking for alternatives, and organisations are investing billions to come up with better options.

Wheelist is all about this revolution. While cars will continue to provide transportation for a significant number of us, new solutions are waiting in the wings to slice into their dominance with the promise of enhanced mobility and wellbeing. This blog will offer up all the latest news on this topic with clarity and context. Ranging from personal mobility to industrial grade vehicles, over air, land or sea, from all political, aesthetics, engineering and social perspectives.


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